Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mod Podge and Gluesticks!

I did NOT get nearly as much accomplished today as I had hoped...a 5 hour headache behind my left eye kind of wiped me out this afternoon. ANYWAY, I did still get a few projects worked on and here they are!
I didn't paint this TODAY...but I did finally hang it up in Reese's room today!

I made this honeybee hive with a balloon and some crepe paper. 
I think it looks pretty cute hanging from her window!

I made the little bees out of pompoms, pipe cleaners and googley eyes.

Okay, I didn't make these today...I made them like 4 days ago...but I finally took the photo! 
They are clipboards with magnets on back so that I can hang all of my girls artwork and change it out easily...and so they don't try to hang a TON of their artwork which typically falls every time we go in and out of our garage door!

I had an extra pompom bee so he landed on a photo frame!

Rumor got a rainbow crayon frame...not quite sure how I feel about it...but I'll see what she thinks before I try and change it...

Today I got Rumor's artwork hung in her room. The upper left is from when she was 1 year old and then the one next to it is from when she was 2 and then the lower left hand side is from when she was...4 years old...I think...and then of course this years...age 6!

I hung a shelf above Rumor's top bunk because she loves looking at books before falling asleep.

This is a work in progress but it's for Reese's little honeybee!
PHEW...maybe I did get a lot accomplished!
Well, tomorrow I will be working on our basement...hanging the curtains and cleaning up some messes.
The kiddos will be arriving back from grandma's house tomorrow...can't wait to see what they think about their room updates!
Well, have fun and happy pinning...and remember, get off the computer every now and then and go execute the projects, recipes and fun things you pinned!

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  1. NOTE: I already took off the crayons from the frame...but here is the really cool thing...I had used a glue gun so parts of the wrapper still are stuck on and it looks kind of cool like that :)