Sunday, October 30, 2011

My kitchen is a mess!

I just snapped wasn't huge...but I used the "f", not that one! I said, "I AM FRUSTRATED!" And I was...
I did not get accomplished today nearly what I had set out to do. I wanted to clean up the house and catch up on the laundry. I get frustrated with myself when I can't seem to keep up on all of these daily duties. Why is it that I can't? Other women seem to be able to. It's weird.
I finally stopped for a moment, after my tantrum, and reflected on my weekend:

Friday: Halloween Party with the family and many friends at John Deere and we got to see a brand new baby!

Saturday: Rollerskating with my Daisy Girl Scout Troop and a trip to DQ with my family!

Sunday: Pancake breakfast with friends, pumpkin carving, Halloween photos, more pumpkin carving, fairy house creating, muffin baking, school treat making!

PHEW! No wonder my house is a mess and the laundry is not done...I was busy making memories!
Hope you are too!

Now I need to learn how to arrange my photos and writing on this blog...ugh!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Funny Ideas...

Here's the's been over a month since I posted...but I've been pinning and doing!
I just haven't posted photos of "completed" projects because they have all been kid oriented. Now, as you know, I will post photos of my kiddos but obviously I cannot post photos of my Girl Scout Troop or the Preschoolers I work with. Understandable...yes...boring posts...again, yes.
Here are some web photos of things I have created for the season though. The frankenstein cone cups though...I just used paper cups not ice cream cones :)

Here are some upcoming "pins" I plan to accomplish:

Maybe I'll get out of kid mood in a month or so and back to home decorating...but doubtful...I love kid mode :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mod Podge and Gluesticks!

I did NOT get nearly as much accomplished today as I had hoped...a 5 hour headache behind my left eye kind of wiped me out this afternoon. ANYWAY, I did still get a few projects worked on and here they are!
I didn't paint this TODAY...but I did finally hang it up in Reese's room today!

I made this honeybee hive with a balloon and some crepe paper. 
I think it looks pretty cute hanging from her window!

I made the little bees out of pompoms, pipe cleaners and googley eyes.

Okay, I didn't make these today...I made them like 4 days ago...but I finally took the photo! 
They are clipboards with magnets on back so that I can hang all of my girls artwork and change it out easily...and so they don't try to hang a TON of their artwork which typically falls every time we go in and out of our garage door!

I had an extra pompom bee so he landed on a photo frame!

Rumor got a rainbow crayon frame...not quite sure how I feel about it...but I'll see what she thinks before I try and change it...

Today I got Rumor's artwork hung in her room. The upper left is from when she was 1 year old and then the one next to it is from when she was 2 and then the lower left hand side is from when she was...4 years old...I think...and then of course this years...age 6!

I hung a shelf above Rumor's top bunk because she loves looking at books before falling asleep.

This is a work in progress but it's for Reese's little honeybee!
PHEW...maybe I did get a lot accomplished!
Well, tomorrow I will be working on our basement...hanging the curtains and cleaning up some messes.
The kiddos will be arriving back from grandma's house tomorrow...can't wait to see what they think about their room updates!
Well, have fun and happy pinning...and remember, get off the computer every now and then and go execute the projects, recipes and fun things you pinned!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Getting my SEW on!

Phew! My sewing machine was on fire today! I had a day with no hubby and no kiddos so I spent it getting some much anticipated projects completed. I sewed a pair of curtains for our laundry room windows. I will show them off later when I get them hung.
I sewed a rainbow curtain for Rumor's bunkbed...a nice little surprise for her while she is away at grandma's house.

About a month ago, I purchased 6 napkins and a tablecloth from the sale section at Pier 1 imports. At first I thought I was going to use it to make pillows and a bedspread for Rumor's rainbow room...but I couldn't find a second table cloth...and she has bunk beds. My next idea is way better though...pillows for my couch and I used some of the table cloth to cover an old chest of mine. The chest was built by my GREAT GREAT Grandfather and the top has some pretty yucky marks on it because my grandma had stained it and then put a cloth material on it...I think maybe too soon because the fuzzies are stuck to the top. So, I removed her cloth and replaced it with this new pretty plaid cloth. I also made two accent pillows out of some fabric from my scrap box. I am guessing that this chest is at least 100 years old but there is no date on it. My grandma would have been 103 years this old...and well, it was her grandpa who made this. It is made out of Rosewood.
Tomorrow, I will spend most of my time cleaning up everything that I got out yesterday...but there might be some time for a few more projects. Pinterest has truly inspired my home projects!
Tomorrow's projects may include the glue gun and an electric screw driver...
Here are a few of my plans and pins:
Reese's Bumble Bee Sculpture

Make a sign for the laundry room wall with this saying...
"IRONY: the opposite of wrinkly"
Make a sign for our bedroom wall with this saying...
"I love you always forever. Near or far, close and together."
Make a lean-to shelf out of a palette for our bedroom
Make a photo display in our downstairs family room
hang my new letters RIDENOUR

Clean up and bring in my EMPLOYEES footstool for my office
oh, and I might do my dishes too...maybe...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The rest of this and that...

Let's try this again!

Ah, there it is! Snacktime!
What else have we been working on...ah, yes...organizing the hair pretties! 
Sounds crazy I know but with two little girls who are little divas we have a whole lot of pretties!
Barrette and Bow Board

Hair Ties in the Shoe Pouches!

And a nice little bin for the Headbands!
Phew! Told you we had a lot of pretties!
Last but not least, I want to show some photos from our buddy, Evie's birthday party. Her mom did such a nice job planning it out with her. It was super cute and a lot of fun!
Presenting...LOLLIPOP KID!
Watermelon on a stick! Corndogs! Corn on the Cob...on a stick!

Rumor enjoying her 2nd corndog!

The bubble wands had triple duty...they were decor at first...stuck in the ground to look like lollipops. Then they were used as entertainment for the kiddos. Lastly they were given out as party favors.

Cake Pops...awesome and yummy!

This cake was so cool! It was 6 layers of color and SO YUMMY!
Cool party Kasey and Evie! 
Thanks for inviting us!
Okay, that's it...told you there was a lot! 
Coming this week sometime:
Kids Art Displays
Photo Display
Laundry Revamp

A little bit of this and a whole lot of that!

We just finished our first week of school and it was one busy week!
 But here I am...back in action after a weekend of cleaning up!
So sit back, relax and brace yourself for two weeks worth of things I have seen and done!
Let's start with our FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL lunch!

...yup, pretty cute! 
The girls gave the "candy apples" to the principal and their teachers too.
Way yummier than a real apple!
We are still working on the girls rooms. 
This is a napkin ring from PIER 1 IMPORTS that I used to tie back the curtains in Reese's room. The yellow sunflowers look super cute with the pink curtains.

I made a bumble bee painting for Reese's room too! Now I just need to find a frame for it.

We switched out Rumor's dresser and gave her the red one from our family room. I miss it in my family room as it was one of my favorite pieces but it works really well in the rainbow room too.
Well, as promised in my last post, I have a DIY project that is completed!
I took my old dresser from childhood and made it into a "snack bar" for our kitchen dining area. We have a pretty small kitchen so the drawers in the dresser are coming in very handy for storing our snacks and odds and ends. Now I have cleaner counters! Yeah!
Hmmm...snafu...the blog won't let me post anymore photos...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Float like a butterfly...

Man can I tell that I haven't had anytime this week to work on my own home art!
We are gearing up for back to school here and I have been busy helping to get the preschool room ready at St John. Preschool rooms are so much fun...bright and cheery! I love them...just like I love making my girls rooms bright and cheery and fun too. I have some time allotted over the next 3 weekends to work on my home some more and to especially wrap up the R and R rooms.
Here are my plans for Reese's "Bee" Room:
These little pipe cleaner bees will make a 
major appearance in the room...
somewhere...maybe while buzzing around a hive?

I plan to make the Bee-autiful sign that I spoke about in an earlier blog but I also want to make a sign similar to this but the Beatitudes from the Bible.

I am going to get some plain white fabric and make a pillow like this for Reese's bed too!
I was even thinking about hand-painting bees on the edge of Reese's sheets...but that may be to large of a task for the beginning of the school year!

As for my other lovely...Rumor...she is rainbow crazy and has been patiently waiting for me to add some more rainbow flair to her room. Here are my ideas that I plan on executing during the next couple of weekends:
My heart melts just while reading these lyrics...

I am actually purchasing an unfinished one of these on etsy for Rumor to paint herself! She'll be so excited!

LOVE! And I have a TON of felt already...and a ton of ribbons!

I will also be returning to the laundry room during the next couple of if I don't walk through there everyday already! But seriously, I bought fabric for the little windows and need to get those sewn. I called our contractor about putting in my folding table/shelf...shhh...don't tell Dustin! I laid my pretty rug down already and it really brightens that room up! Now to figure out how and where to hang a shelf for all of our laundry yuck! Maybe the contractor can do that too! I'll also be busting out the stain for that room to finish the cabinets.
WOW! I better get to work!
Oh, one last thing...I have been working on my kitchen and dining area but they aren't photo ready yet...but it's starting to look pretty fun! Here is a sneak peak from an idea I pulled from Pinterest:
Hmmm...any guesses?