Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Float like a butterfly...

Man can I tell that I haven't had anytime this week to work on my own home art!
We are gearing up for back to school here and I have been busy helping to get the preschool room ready at St John. Preschool rooms are so much fun...bright and cheery! I love them...just like I love making my girls rooms bright and cheery and fun too. I have some time allotted over the next 3 weekends to work on my home some more and to especially wrap up the R and R rooms.
Here are my plans for Reese's "Bee" Room:
These little pipe cleaner bees will make a 
major appearance in the room...
somewhere...maybe while buzzing around a hive?

I plan to make the Bee-autiful sign that I spoke about in an earlier blog but I also want to make a sign similar to this but the Beatitudes from the Bible.

I am going to get some plain white fabric and make a pillow like this for Reese's bed too!
I was even thinking about hand-painting bees on the edge of Reese's sheets...but that may be to large of a task for the beginning of the school year!

As for my other lovely...Rumor...she is rainbow crazy and has been patiently waiting for me to add some more rainbow flair to her room. Here are my ideas that I plan on executing during the next couple of weekends:
My heart melts just while reading these lyrics...

I am actually purchasing an unfinished one of these on etsy for Rumor to paint herself! She'll be so excited!

LOVE! And I have a TON of felt already...and a ton of ribbons!

I will also be returning to the laundry room during the next couple of if I don't walk through there everyday already! But seriously, I bought fabric for the little windows and need to get those sewn. I called our contractor about putting in my folding table/shelf...shhh...don't tell Dustin! I laid my pretty rug down already and it really brightens that room up! Now to figure out how and where to hang a shelf for all of our laundry yuck! Maybe the contractor can do that too! I'll also be busting out the stain for that room to finish the cabinets.
WOW! I better get to work!
Oh, one last thing...I have been working on my kitchen and dining area but they aren't photo ready yet...but it's starting to look pretty fun! Here is a sneak peak from an idea I pulled from Pinterest:
Hmmm...any guesses?

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