Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Man Cave with a Mom Corner

My kiddos pretty much have squatters rights on the first floor of our home. It was inevitable considering I believe in it being "OUR" home, meaning "ALL" of us...not just the adults. I am okay with it...as long as it is fairly tidy. The girls take care of their rooms and clean up any toys that may have found their way to our Living Room or Kitchen table...which is their favorite place to play. Who needs a playroom when you have a table!?!
Anyway, once we allowed each child to have their own room, I decided it was time for my husband and I to truly have a space of our own. So, the bottom floor of our home (basement is such a drab word)...is the Man Cave with the Mom Corner. Our room and bath are located on this floor as well as the laundry room and Family room. Since relocating the kiddos, this "bottom" level has become my project. We have some "finishing" to do...we meaning my husband. Our ceiling in the Family Room is my favorite...it's made of wood panels and will continue into the laundry...but for now, it is exposed ceiling. I moved some of my favorite pieces of furniture to the basement last week as there is no longer a guest room in our home...I am working them into the "bottom" level as best I can without killing it's modern appearance.
This week, I will be working on our laundry room/hallway area as well as our bedroom. Here are some ideas that I have pinned on Pinterest:
I know that Dustin dreads this...but I want him to build me a folding counter with shelves for the laundry baskets. We already have a small corner counter and own a matching counter top piece...it's the installation of it that he dreads. Maybe I should get tool savvy?

The headboard of our bed is currently a wall. This bothers me...I want a headboard...but don't want to buy one that belongs to a furniture set as there is absolutely no room in our current room for such a thing. We have the smallest room in our home...with the biggest closet! I like the idea of shelves...very rustic shelves as a headboard...still processing what I will do.

We have a beautiful rug that will go down in the laundry room...this is not it...but reminds me of the one I will be laying down as soon as the floor is mopped!

If I do a headboard out of pallets then what the heck, I will do these shelves as well!

Yesterday, at Hobby Lobby, I purchased the Wall Vinyl to use in my Cricut Machine so that I can make words on my wall...I like this design but I am also tempted to do, "Landry Room: Drop your drawers here!"

Our bedroom has many framed photos of us at different places that we have traveled throughout our 15 years together. I LOVE to travel and would do it all the time AND I LOVE to wake up to all of these photos and happy memories. When I saw this idea, I just knew that I had to make one for our room...my only decision now is what photo to put in the background...hmmm...where should we go next?

Yes, another palette...I am digging these!
So, as always, I will keep you posted after the projects are done. As for now, wish me luck...I have so many ideas rolling around my brain that it will be a wonder if I can even execute one!

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  1. So excited! We just picked up 3 pallets and despite what Dustin thinks...I think the one I picked out for our headboard is kind of cool...it is gray and old and it has rusty nails holding it together!