Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smart Art

I gave up today...but in a good way...
My house is a mess and it is just overwhelming and I could have battled through it but instead I played it smart and just hauled some art supplies outside and had a little break with my kiddos.
Our first project was derived from one of my favorite kind of projects...anything having little finger prints, hand prints or feety prints! LOVE!
I was reminded of this fun project via Pinterest...and look, they made butterflies!
Ours are shown below:

Okay, so mommy forgot to do the feety's on opposite sides...but hey, there are no mistakes in art AND these are originals! Each will be hung in the girls rooms along with their other masterpieces.

Our next project was a very intriguing and relaxing...and temporary idea called MILK ART also from Pinterest. You take milk in a shallow pan and drop food coloring on top and then swirl it with a toothpick. It's kind of addictive to look at the patterns. Here are our milk works of art!

I also LOVE this photo of Rumor and I looking into the milk art with our reflection and the clouds reflection in the background. It was a pretty warm day our milk art didn't last fact, it is probably colored cottage cheese by now...but it was still fun!
And it was nice to stop fussing with what my house looks like and instead take a smart art break and enjoy the day with my girls.

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