Sunday, July 24, 2011

Making room(s)...

Well, 6 days later...the girls each have their own rooms and I am slowly getting the living room back under control. There is still one LARGE pile that needs to be put away but all in all much better!
While the rainbow pillows that we created are just squares and not fancy like the picture previously shown, they were made by material we already had in our home...and they are lined up in rainbow order in a special new hideout for Rumor.
I hung a curtain rod up so that she can hide away on the bottom bunk whenever she wants...she and 500 of her closest animal pals...
My favorite project in Rumor's Rainbow room...the rainbow lamp...again an up-cycled item from what we already had in our home. Rumor and I decopouged a rainbow onto a lamp shade using ModPodge...I love this stuff! It hangs just above her bed (top bunk) she can read at night. I love that we made it together!

So, Rumor's room is coming together pretty good. We have some art projects to work on this week but for the most part, it's done!
BUT what about Reese? 
No worries, her room is almost done needs a few art projects done here and there and we did decide that Polly Pockets just wasn't happening. I hate those annoying little dolls with rubber dresses...creepy...
ANYWAY, I talked her into bumble bees and pink...since her closet is already done with bumble bees from when it was their nursery. My mom and I had staple-gunned this cute yellow bee fabric to the walls above the built in Dustin made for their changing table. Now, it is a dress up area. I just need to hang their mirror up and I want to make a sign that says: "BEE kind, BEE good, BEE-autiful!" or something like that.
As for pink, well that is easy...everything of Reese's is pink! I am going to add some more pink to the wall mural. I also like these ideas from Pinterest:

...Cool, even a pink bee!

So, that is the latest news from our room redo's...
I think a cupcake recipe is definitely going to happen this week from Pinterest...but which one?
Vote in comments which one I should try:
Boston Cream Cupcakes

Creme Brulee Cupcakes

French Toast Cupcakes

Bubblegum Cupcakes


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  1. Do I need to hide my queen bee pillow before your girls come over tomorrow? Maybe it is safe...being it's not pink?