Thursday, July 21, 2011

Noodles and New Digs!

Three days ago, my twin girls announced to me that they wanted their own rooms. For the past 6 years and in womb, they have shared space...and I imagine they are ready for a place they can call their I agreed. In typical Jill fashion however, I did not think through the entire process or the large amount of work that was heading my way. For 3 LONG days, I have moved furniture, toys, stuffed animals, clothes, artwork and more to and fro. The rest of my house is suffering in a major way...the laundry is piling, the dishes are barely getting done and my living room looks like a bomb went off...the bomb being all of my guest room items which no longer have a home. I am hoping that this whole project will come to a close by Sunday...hoping! My ideas for Rumor's new "rainbow" room:

As for Reese's requested room design of "Polly Pocket", I don't know?
I'll have to brainstorm a bit longer on that...
Tonight for dinner we tried a recipe found on Pinterest!
Crispy Shrimp Noodles
Mine did not "look" like theirs...however, they were yummy and the girls had a fascinating time eating the long fettuccine

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