Friday, August 5, 2011

Lunch (is) Served!

I worked in the kitchen most of the day today...which is why we had Pizza Hut pizza for dinner tonight. Twice a year I go through all of my cabinets and drawers and straighten them up and clean them out. It always takes place on a whim and looks so pretty after it is done.
We have an apartment sized kitchen so it has to stay fact, it typically has tons of stuff piled up on the counters...not like HOARDERS but stuff we use and eat because there is just no space. I am still trying to figure out how to keep the counters clear...but in the meantime, what I did today looks pretty good.
The BAKING drawer...shoeboxes are my saving grace
for keeping this drawer decently organized.

The junk drawer...set your timer...let's see how long
this stays beautiful.

The BAKING would think I bake
but I actually rarely do...but just in case someday I
am feeling like June Cleaver.
Here is a great link to some kitchen organization ideas:

Well, all that tidying up in the kitchen made me HUNGRY to use some creative juices. Creating is so much more fun than cleaning! Anyway, I used some of these juices to make my first BENTO box for Reese and Rumor's fishing trip with their Daddy tomorrow. I have become somewhat obsessed with the Bento Box lunch ideas that I see on Pinterst...such as this one:
And so here is my first attempt at BENTO lunch...we shall call this one...

Pepperidige Farms makes "Goldfish" shaped bread--whole wheat...LOVE!
Of course I also used pretzel fish and the new cookie fish. Grapes are here also...for no other reason than they needed a fruit...we shall call them Wapsi Caviar (after our river in town The Wapsipinicon)
Nemo Gummies are hidden under the sandwich and my favorite touch...a gummi worm tied to a string look like a fishing pole!
I already showed Reese and Rumor...they said, "Cool Mom! Thanks!"
That's why I do these's the MADNESS to my METHOD :)

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