Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I think I am getting my artist mojo back...special thanks to Pinterest.com for that. I have been using my creative spirit for the past 6 years...except it has been more kid driven than me driven. Today, on a whim, I decided to work on two ideas that I had seen on Pinterest. (shown below)

The first is made by melting crayons with a blow dryer...it's easy and looks pretty cool when done.
The second is done with watercolor crayons (payons) that have been shaved onto a canvas and sprayed with water. 
Here are my results:

These two pieces of artwork are going to look pretty great framed and hung in Rumor's Rainbow Room!
I have been doing a lot more "artwork" lately...everything from sewing, to painting, to cooking more creative food. Is it a phase? A new surge of energy? Did my time get freer? 
None of the above. I simple remembered that I should be using the talents that God has given me.
I think Erma said it best! With the hum-drum of everyday life, I forgot to simply just use what God gave me. I don't need to wish for this or hope for that. I have all I need right here.
Lastly, a bit of nature reminded me of this exact lesson I had been learning. Rumor called me to our mailbox yesterday to look at the spider that was "blocking her way." WOW! indeed blocking...he was big and he would be scary except he was so interesting to look at...and even his web...his home...had a bit of flair to it. Mr. Spider was just doing what spiders do...weaving a web to catch their prey, to eat, to keep itself strong and moving. Mr. Spider was just simply using his talent. Very cool Mr. Spider.
I went back to look at the spider and the web today but he/it was gone. I am hoping someone didn't just destroy it and that he got a fly and has moved on...making yet another groovy web on some other mailbox. Well, onward ho! 
I have more things to see, pin, do and blog!


  1. I LOVE it Jill!! what did you use as the canvas for the crayons? A real canvas, or poster board, or what? cool Idea!!!

  2. I used a real canvas...but I think watercolor paper for both would work well too. Posterboard may be a bit too glossy...slick. Thanks! it was fun...and now I am a bit addicted to chopping up the Payons!