Sunday, August 28, 2011

The rest of this and that...

Let's try this again!

Ah, there it is! Snacktime!
What else have we been working on...ah, yes...organizing the hair pretties! 
Sounds crazy I know but with two little girls who are little divas we have a whole lot of pretties!
Barrette and Bow Board

Hair Ties in the Shoe Pouches!

And a nice little bin for the Headbands!
Phew! Told you we had a lot of pretties!
Last but not least, I want to show some photos from our buddy, Evie's birthday party. Her mom did such a nice job planning it out with her. It was super cute and a lot of fun!
Presenting...LOLLIPOP KID!
Watermelon on a stick! Corndogs! Corn on the Cob...on a stick!

Rumor enjoying her 2nd corndog!

The bubble wands had triple duty...they were decor at first...stuck in the ground to look like lollipops. Then they were used as entertainment for the kiddos. Lastly they were given out as party favors.

Cake Pops...awesome and yummy!

This cake was so cool! It was 6 layers of color and SO YUMMY!
Cool party Kasey and Evie! 
Thanks for inviting us!
Okay, that's it...told you there was a lot! 
Coming this week sometime:
Kids Art Displays
Photo Display
Laundry Revamp