Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Taste Palette

 So, did I have success with scoring some palettes? I did indeed! I asked my friend, Tom, if he knew of where I could get some old, distressed palettes and he pointed me in a great direction...thanks Tom! (That is me thanking you...not Dustin...who still thinks I am nuts!)
I may raise the palette up a bit onto some blocks or something...just to give it a bit more height...The wall is still pretty bland and boring but it will have to do for now...I gotta keep on moving to the next idea!
 Oh wait, found one!
I found yet another idea on Pinterest this morning that I already implemented into our bedroom too! I love when all of my odds and ends (or as Dustin would say--junk) finds a home and a purpose!
Take a look at theirs...and then mine...

Here are some of my favorite "other" elements in our room...the photos in the frames are of the different places we have traveled...including our honeymoon(s) on the very top. I also house my "mom" books Reese and Rumor call them.
Who would even guess that the water meter is hidden in this cabinet? 
Next, my favorite piece of artwork in our painting of Seattle...L.O.V.E.
And last but not least, our story wall...

The map on the left is a map of the US and more significantly of where I was in the world when I started dating and fell in love with Dustin. The map on the right, a map of the middle east, is where he was when he began to tolerate me! Dustin was in the Navy when we first started fact, we wrote letters back and forth for more than a year before we even got to go on our first date. The shadow boxes in the middle house the letters to and from each other. Every morning, I wake up and see this wall and get to remember where it all began...
AND SO...that's our room...our safe-haven from Littlest Pet Shops and Coloring Crayons...
ahhh...peace and quiet!

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